We're not sure if it is the climate, the Rocky Mountains, or the beauty of where we live that attracts great talent to the Denver Metro area, but we know we have an abundance of it. Writers, DP’s, illustrators, animators, sound engineers, actors, lighting specialists, web designers, and ad agencies all make up a community in which Blue Mesa is honored to be included.
Collaboration is how we offer the quality our clients rely on, without employing a large staff. It gives us the ability to strategically meet our clients needs by providing the right people for the job time and time again.

Robert Muratore

Director of Photography

We have enjoyed working with Robert on a number of projects.

Since graduating CU-Boulder with a BFA in film production, Robert has worked professionally as a cinematographer for over twenty years, shooting long and short-form projects on virtually every format under the sun.  In addition, he has directed and co-produced several of the same projects he has shot.

Robert has garnered many awards for his work, including a Heartland Regional Emmy for Best Cinematography (Downtown Denver 2008) and Movie Maverick Award for Best Cinematography (When The Dragon Swallowed The Sun), as well as several festival awards over the years for a range of shorts. His company, Grim Productions, won an International Broadcast Award for the Best of Hallmark campaign and produced the first interactive narrative for TV, PLUR, for Hallmark Entertainment. The short films The Spot and Inside, which he shot in recent years were screened in festivals all over the world. The People vs. George Lucas, a feature-length documentary he shot and co-produced, has played many high profile festivals around the world, garnered worldwide distribution, and has been released in the states through Lionsgate.

GW Hannaway and Associates

Video Services

Considering the size of our town, it is surpising that we have a local resources like GW Hannaway and Associates. When it comes to having someone to rely on for technical advice in any aspect of production, no one comes close to having the knowledge base of Wyndham Hannaway. He has been Blue Mesa's technical guru on many projects over the last eight years. He's assisted us with camera rentals, lenses, video format conversions, digitizing and layoffs to various tape formats to fulfill our everyday needs. More importantly, no matter what the "crisis of the day" is, Wyndham always has the time to listen and offer a solution.

Daylight Productions


When a project requires studio space, our partners at Daylight Productions are always our first choice. With1600 square feet of working space and a 25 foot hard cyc wall, this facility suits most of our customers requirements. It is acoustically treated and has the full compliment of lighting and equipment for any production.  We have worked with Brian Day on a number of projects over the years and enjoy a close working relationship.

Radical Artists Agency


We always look to Patty Kingbaker at Radical Artists Agency in Denver to help us select the right talent.